Your Robot Coworker Keeps Getting Smarter | Olive CEO Sean Lane


Olive is a healthcare bot who’s been built not just to work with humans, but to seem like one. So what happens to real human workers as “she” keeps getting smarter? Olive CEO Sean Lane says humans will always be in charge - but jobs are going to change. 

 “Once you understand what it can do, and once you see Olive working and really realize the potential, your mind immediately goes to the inevitability that Olive will be doing a lot of the work that your humans are doing today. It really takes a reframing of how we think about work in general.”

A.I. Cops at Digital Crime Scenes | Oxygen Forensics COO Lee Reiber


In a future flooded with digital forensic data, criminal justice will rely on A.I. to keep up. The challenge for the justice system, says Oxygen Forensics COO Lee Reiber, is keeping up with A.I.

“… as we progress to even more information and now utilizing these specific algorithms, boy - if the investigator’s not able to explain that to the prosecutor or the judge, how’s a prosecutor or judge going to understand that information?”

The Race to Rule the Future of Fuel | Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh


Can big business save the planet? Sure, says hydrogen fuel cell maker Andy Marsh. The real question is whether America will lead the charge or get lapped by China.

“In the solar industry - the high tech portion of the solar industry - a lot of it’s in China at the moment. And if you look at China’s 2025 plan, it’s to have the fuel cell industry in China.”

How The Daily Show Does The Internet | Producer Matt Negrin

carl-heyerdahl-181868-unsplash (1).jpg

In an era of click-based comedy, topical TV goes way beyond the television.  Matt Negrin, a Senior Digital Producer on The Daily Show, respects the traditional timeslot while relishing the “weird and experimental” freedom of digital platforms.

“...we’re so integrated into the normal process of the show but at the same time, we do things that are original that don’t go on the show. We do things that are just for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or sometimes just one of those platforms.”

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Lonely Teens Sharing Screens | Squad CEO Esther Crawford


While building a social screen sharing app to fight loneliness, Esther Crawford finds herself in a lonely position of her own: female tech CEO.

“I’m not the male engineer who’s 22 from Stanford. Instead, I’m a designer who’s in my mid-30s. I’m a mom. I’m a woman. I’m working on a consumer social product. There are virtually no females out there working on consumer social. I don’t fit the narrative, and I’m totally ok with that.”

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When Machines Do Our Jobs | Directly CEO Antony Brydon


Imagining a future of ubiquitous automation, mass job disruption, and an economic model that rewards humans for helping bots.

“We think work is going to change to where people are part of the fabric of AI, as opposed to this divide where there’s AI on one side and people on another.” - Antony Brydon, CEO of Directly.

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AI & Animal Rights | Honeywell's Chris Benson

The Chief Scientist for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, Chris Benson is plenty qualified to talk about what AI is doing in the real world today.

But he also thinks about the more distant future, when he worries a super artificial intelligence might treat us the same way that we currently treat cows, sheep, and pigs.  

Chris Benson's podcast is Practical AI.

The book we discuss is Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari.

Love People |’s Kathryn Hume

Kathryn Hume is VP of Product & Strategy at, which applies AI in the business world. She’s also very thoughtful about how AI applies to our society at large. If you think racism, artificial intelligence, and/or love are important topics, you need to listen to this interview.

Kathryn can philosophize, she can technologize, and she can monetize. Yes my friends - Kathryn Hume is a triple threat.

Kathryn Hume's podcast is In Context.