Podcast | Jeff Jackson: Senator From The Internet

How does a junior legislator in the minority party become a bona fide political celebrity? Two words: the Internet.

Senator Jeff Jackson (D-Charlotte) unpacks his viral hits, from solo legislating on a snow day to creating the #WeAreNotThis hashtag. For this 33-year-old lawmaker, social media is not a gimmick: it’s a necessity and an obligation.

We also talk about his fight against gerrymandering, which he calls “as morally ambiguous as bank robbery,” HB2, and his vision for a reasonable state government. 

On Social Media in Politics

“Right now it’s kind of considered fashionable for politicians to be on social media. But more and more it’s going to be part of your job. That’s where your constituents are. That’s where they want to interact with you. . . . It’s not really your decision whether or not you ‘do’ Facebook. That’s how people want to talk. They’re your boss. You have to make yourself available to them through that medium.”  

On His Republicans and HB2

“I’m 1,000% confident that if they could go back in time they would not pass HB2. Maybe Charlotte City Council would do something different, too, if they could go back. They didn’t mean to start World War III with this.” 

On A Reasonable State Government

“What we should aspire to is a state government that listens to people, that respects people, and that is fundamentally reasonable. Just imagine what an improvement that would be over the status quo.”