Podcast | Senate Candidate Deborah Ross Talks Trump, Yoga, and the US Constitution

North Carolina’s US Senate race in 2016 could be one of the most bitterly fought in the country. Democrats hope to defeat Republican incumbent Richard Burr in their battle to retake the upper chamber.

But it won’t be easy: the race will be expensive, contentious, and, now that North Carolina is a swing state in a Donald Trump campaign, unpredictable.

Deborah Ross is the woman who’s stepped up to the challenge. We talk about how Trump might impact her race, how she stays sane on one of the country’s rockiest campaign trails, and her judicial beef with Burr:

“...the Constitution says that the Senate gives advice and consent on judicial nominees. It does not say the Senate decides whether it gives advice and consent. Period. If you don’t like the nominee, vote him down.”

Update: In the podcast, Ross mentions "the most recent poll." Since our conversation, a new poll shows Ross is still within the margin of error.