AI & Animal Rights | Honeywell's Chris Benson

The Chief Scientist for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, Chris Benson is plenty qualified to talk about what AI is doing in the real world today.

But he also thinks about the more distant future, when he worries a super artificial intelligence might treat us the same way that we currently treat cows, sheep, and pigs.  

Chris Benson's podcast is Practical AI.

The book we discuss is Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari.

Love People |’s Kathryn Hume

Kathryn Hume is VP of Product & Strategy at, which applies AI in the business world. She’s also very thoughtful about how AI applies to our society at large. If you think racism, artificial intelligence, and/or love are important topics, you need to listen to this interview.

Kathryn can philosophize, she can technologize, and she can monetize. Yes my friends - Kathryn Hume is a triple threat.

Kathryn Hume's podcast is In Context.

“The Creative Curve” for Tech | Author Allen Gannett

Allen Gannet is a tech CEO who wrote a new book on creativity called “The Creative Curve.” An expert on technology and creativity? It was bound to be a great conversation - and it was! 

We talk about how the Internet accelerates trends, why Facebook succeeded when a more advanced competitor failed, and whether creative machines could replace humans.

Humans Are A Tricky Thing | 15Five’s Emily Diaz

Meeting one on one with your boss might sound as pleasant as a root canal. But what if technology could change that?

Emily Diaz is the Director of Customer Onboarding at 15Five, a tool that helps managers sync up with their employees.

Could software be the key to human fulfillment at work? Or are we letting software eat something that we really should be biting off ourselves?

Forgetting She’s Not Human | CEO Dennis Mortensen

Amy and Andrew are artificial intelligence assistants who schedule meetings for you via email. They are the products of a company called

I first interviewed CEO Dennis Mortensen back in 2014. Now the world looks a little bit different.

Are people more accepting of AI in their inbox? Is it ok to be rude to an AI? And what happens when artificial intelligence meets traditional human gender?

Can Software Replace Capitalism?

HowStuffWorks founder Marshall Brain knows something about capitalism: the educational media company sold to Discovery Communications for $250 million dollars. He's also the Director of the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program at NC State University.

Now, Marshall Brain has a plan to replace capitalism with computer software. Could it actually work?